Combining the benefits of Lossless and Lossy compression without the drawbacks

At Astrotec, we are pioneering the development of a new method to compress data in space.

We call it Latent Compression.

Latent Compression is designed to be an uncomprimising approach to compression. Using neural network inspired design, latent compression can utilise the benefits of existing compression methods without their drawbacks.

Latent compression’s neural network inspired design allows us to compress data using ratios similar to lossy compression, but with the data preservation of lossless compression and with added security.

In action, the latent compression algorithm would compress the spacecraft’s data, ready for a pass with a ground station.

During a pass of a ground station, the compressed data will transfer much faster than uncompressed data by utilising the very small data size. This allows higher volumes of data to be transfered in one pass, getting more value from a spacecraft. The transferred data remains compressed until it reaches the customer. Remaining compressed throughout this process allows for a much faster overall transfer rate allowing for the potential of real time technologies, such as real time earth observation.

The data is decompressed back to its original when it reaches the customer, fully retaining all of its detail.

This compression can be applied to any type of data including  Images, Hyperspectral Data, Audio, Video, Measurements and String Data.


Preserve Details

Despite compressing to data to similar ratios of lossy compression, we aim for the Latent Algorithm to fully preserve anything it compresses, matching the benefits of using lossless compression without sacrificing data sizes

Inherent Security

Due to the nature of Latent Compression, data encoded on spacecraft is unreadable unless being decoded by the corresponding latent algorithm which will be unique to every customer

Efficient Storage

The small file sizes and presevered detail provided by latent compression makes it a very efficient method of storing data on a spacecraft, allowing for more data to be captured before contact with a groundstation

Heritage Compatibility

We aim for Latent Compression to become the new standard for tansferring data from space, as such, we are developing our algorithm to be compatible with existing and heritage space hardware requiring only a simple update to an in-orbit spacecraft’s software to utilise this technology

Current Development

Astrotec is currently in the early stages of development. We have proved our initial concept and are now reworking the algorithm from the ground up to accomplish all the features we have set out. In particular, compatibility with flight heritage hardware is a major priority for us. Despite being in the early stages still development, we are rapidly progressing.

In these early stages we are also looking for investors to help us extend our capabilities and speed up our development process even more.

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